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Water Works Exhibition

  • Maryland Federation of Art, Curve Gallery 18 State Circle Annapolis, MD, 21401 United States (map)


I want to congratulate each artist that participated and entered Water Works with Maryland Federation of Art. With all of your contributions this program runs and supports your local artist community.

The work chosen for this digital exhibition was based on “water depicted as the primary force, object, or consequences”. You will view various mediums such as drawing, watercolor, acrylic paint, oil paint, sculpture and printmaking. I wanted the show to represent the range of mediums entered.

I looked for line, composition, color, texture and feeling in each work. I asked myself and “does this artwork reflect the mysterious qualities of water” or “is water seen as an elemental force” and “how far did the artist push our understanding with their vision”.

We all need to be water protectors in this day and age with so much plastic pollution creating islands in the ocean and deadly drinking water in Flint, Michigan. I believe this exhibition will shine a light on water’s necessity, beauty, forceful and tranquil quality that will hopefully give the viewer a glimpse into its power.