Hello, and thanks for checking me out.

If you saw something that touched your heart, let me know and I'll do my best to get it into your hands so you can enjoy it everyday. Otherwise, please remember to request permission to reproduce images for your nonprofit and commercial needs. I support a variety of causes, and I'm always happy to work with like minded people.

If you have an idea for a commissioned piece, please include a basic outline of the project, your general timeline, and a price range. I'm able to take on these projects on a case by case basis, and I especially enjoy the ones that celebrate a major life event. 

Meanwhile, I am always on the hunt for a good sit- stiller for modeling. My work is figurative, and it's nice when I get to draw someone who's not an unsuspecting stranger. 

For any and all of the above, reach me at christinedengelbaum@gmail.com, or find me on Artsy.net 

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For those enjoy an update from time to time, like when I have an event or new series:

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